Christians: Gods Power Grid!

Power is all about continuous directional flow of potential energy. This is what we call kinetic energy, however energy can only flow when there is a favourable conduit.

Christ is the POWER of God and the WISDOM God needed to light the rest of creation. Christians are the PARTicles of Light that for the PARTS of his Power Grid, His Ekklesia is the delivery system of his power and grace to the rest of creation.

How do you become part of the conduit? How do you ensure you are not insulating his power through the flesh, self, sin and ignorance? Listen and be “transformed”


How does the truth of Gods word apply to the reality of our times? Is there a one size fits all rule in all cases of separation and divorce?

Are you damned if you consider remarriage after divorce or separation in all cases? How does a loving and just God view these issues affecting his children and the world?

God still presides over marital issues and also over the hearts of men and women, whilst we look at the outward appearance he looks at the heart. He not only deals with the issues of the heart, he also deals with the heart of issues.

What is the heart of the issue?

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