Strategy Consultant


“Eugene Ajayi works as a Transformation Coach for organisations and is well-versed in building strategic and agile, objective focused teams. This also extends to implementing reusable organisational models to enable institutions to understand and manage complex people-systems.”

 The terms, “Analyst”, “Solution Strategist”, “Leader”, “Communicator”, offer a glimpse into some of the diverse skills that enable him to aid organisations in shifting cultures and managing change to achieve greater mobility.

He has exceptional competence on both sides of the Organisation/Client dynamic and can bridge the gap between the “value offered” by organisations and “value perceived” by clients.  This in turn brings great value to a diversified audience whether corporate or private clients.

Eugene possesses a keen ability to:

  • Provide strategic leadership and coaching to support and transform teams and communities
  • Assess business objectives, diagnose problems and understand high priority issues
  • Translate business goals into community solutions
  • Collaborate and facilitate in culturally diverse and disparate global teams
  • Quickly understand a community structure, apply the correct engagement and best practise models to build high powered teams.
  • Develop and manage key-learning and training initiatives
  • Seek support for funding/supporting community-driven initiatives (both for profit and non-profit) organisations

In addition, Eugene currently works as a Managing Partner of BRConsortium, a strategic consulting company that focuses on synergization and innovation to simultaneously enhance performance and increase productivity thus enabling Organisations to strengthen and develop in the following areas:

Build: Implement strong foundations and “future-proof” organisational culture
Adaptability: Support continuous learning and improvement
Responsiveness: Apply situational awareness and assign appropriate responses

Strengthen: Establish core principles to mature and aide self-organising agile teams

Design: Apply bespoke and appropriate organisational, operational and delivery systems that empowers Organisations to deliver high quality projects, on time and on budget

Social Entrepreneur & Socio Cultural Architect

“Eugene as an “Apostle” has taken the Kingdom Agenda into the woklplaces and other life spaces to connect Christians and apprentice them for socio cultural transformation in ways the systems of traditional church simply can’t do”

Christians In The Market Place

He has pioneered practical systems that enable the kingdom life to be lived, shared, and manifested in every space Christians occupy in everyday life to recreate Gods idea of EDEN in society, check out the following:

Christian Socials

Kingdom Connections


Kingdom Synergy Alliance

House of Lights


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