Hello To I Do

Navigating From ‘hello to I do’, a paced common sense approach to relationships and dating.

Many couples in the dating and marriage stages make wrong choices and pay dearly for it during the subsequent years of their relationship. This is because faith and hope alone doesn’t make a marriage; but wisdom does! Wisdom can be acquired through reading books like this and applying its wisdom. Navigating from “Hello” to “I Do” aims to help potential couples make informed choices about their future together through a qualitative and informative 
dating process. 

These conversations are presented in five stages. Each stage has clear objectives designed to help couples assess the possibilities and risks of a marital union without emotional complications and pressure from other people. you will find this an unusual but useful tool in navigating relationships.

The Battle We Fight

A clear contemporary review of the subject of spiritual warfare for the Christian.

This incredible book explains the simple truth of how every Christian ought to do warfare and dismisses the religious misconception(s). 

It informs young Christians to understand their role to the body and the world, wherever they might be by clarifying the purpose of the Church of Christ as a body,