Personal, Group, Team, Organisation and community leadership depend on people (both the influencer and influenced) to exist and succeed. 


Leadership is the art of influence, gaining and honing the skills to connect and influence yourself and others effectively is essential for a healthy and productive society.


What defines a leader?

You are a leader if anyone gives you attention, you can influence their perception and behaviour, having power and influence requires wisdom and skills to cause the right type of transformation in people and outcomes in situations.


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You have two choices “Be Coached” or “Become a Coach”


My coaching methods are immersive surgeries of discovery and construction, dynamic cycles of learning and integration until your internal vision is connected to your external life. 




As an influencer, leader and professional, you have tremendous influence, opportunity, power to make changes and to change “makers”, let’s keep you honed and ready!


My integrative coaching & support Methods for Christian Professionals, influencers and Leaders brings out the best in you all the time, everywhere and to everyone, integrating you in the following areas, bringing out the titan in you!


  • Identity – You will know who you are

  • Values – You will know what makes you unique

  • Purpose – You will know your reason for existence in time and space 

  • Relationship – you will develop and have healthier relationships 

  • Performance – you will improve the quality and quantity of your productivity in life.

  • Synergy – you will operate as an integrated whole instead of disconnected parts

  • R.E.S.T – you will be coached into a rhythm of life that sustains you whilst challenging you to improve continuously in the right areas


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Values coaching – What’s your REAL Value?


find out WHO and WHAT you are, and WHAT YOU HAVE?


I help you discover and solidify who you really are and what makes you tick, your identity and unique value in life and to society,


The world is asking “What are you about?” Let’s give them an answer.


Purpose Coaching – What’s your Race and Grace?


What are you doing with your life,what should you be doing and what shouldn’t you be doing?


Time, Talent and Treasures, that is all you have, our lives are ticking away by seconds, our talents used up everyday to solve problems for ourselves and others whilst our treasures are spent on needs and wants. We can get none of these three things back in our lifetime, so we need to invest them wisely, at the end of the day, what would matter is “ did i do what i was created to do, did i do it well and what legacy am i leaving?”


I can help you see clearly and define your Race and Grace in life.


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Performance Coaching – Do it better, improve!


 Doing it well is not good enough, doing it best is always better


Habit is a “fre-enemy”, I mean, it’s both a Friend and an enemy, it makes you efficient in what you already know, but blocks you from learning new ways to do the things you know. Why don’t we make it your habit to continuously improve yourself in every area?


Wanting to improve is one thing, knowing what to improve is better, knowing how to improve is of most value.


I will help you locate the core areas that need focus and create a habit that will make continuous improvement a lifestyle, thereby increasing your performance and productivity.


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Synergy Coaching – Making team “Y.O.U” better


There are at least three parts of your being, and they see life differently, you probably play more than a dozen different (often disconnected) roles in different relationships and places every week, life often pulls your internal forces in different directions, how do you keep your internals perfectly woven in knowledge, wisdom and to deliver value with the precision of a master, you need synergy, such that connects vision to power and increases prowess.


Let’s make Team YOU function better






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