The issues surrounding relationships are usually quite complex, involving much more than counseling to resolve, many times behavioral expertise is required, and a whole load of experience of the human nature, culture, backgrounds, situations, emotional and psychological aspects of both and all parties concerned combined with the know how of interfacing solid principles and changing mindsets and behaviors, need I say more?

If your marriage or relationship is going through a tough time and you don’t know why or you do know why and need help to fix it, this is the place for you.

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If you know anyone who does where Counselling and other forms of intervention have failed, contact my rock solid methods team, we might be able to help.

Relationships Coaching – 

Relationships make us, maintain us or break us, we were  each brought to life by the relationship of two people, after which we were shaped by the nurture,support, education, love, hatred, challenge and actions of people everyday, relationships are important to your wellbeing, success, happiness and legacy 


You will benefit from a 360 relational audit, we will find out together what relationships are good, essential and bad for you, we will develop a care plan to ensure that your critical relationships are well nourished and nourish you back, be warned though, some relationship may end up in the trash


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What’s a community without its families? 

Marriages are the unit of life of our society, this is such a  responsibility-  building a home, taking care of children, keeping up with the Joneses and finding fulfillment, this can be too much to handle for these bravehearts who need to keep our nation together and our future generations secure.


My Marriage and Relationships Methods Coaching supports you from Before Hello, To Hello To I Do, I Do To We Do and way beyond, there is a programme (Petals & Petra) when you start parenting, we have you covered!


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For Almost married or newlyweds


This is the green zone, you want to failsafe the future, MOT your relationship, get some assistance transitioning through the stages of dating, settling into the rhythm of your family, this is for you, why wait until there is an issue before you get what you need to build your home? 


You can also sign up for this if you have been married longer but see the need to relay and reset the foundations of your relationship.


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  • Tools + Engagement: 
  • One full day of assessment with a coach.
  • The course and workbook
  • One day of evaluation and practical solutions.
  • Lifetime membership with a private group.


 £1799.99, $1999.99k virtual £2799 /$2997.99k in person).

For those  Married 4 years and above

This is the Amber Zone, 

It’s Amber If you find yourself moving along, coasting somehow, not sure where your marriage is headed, maybe there are unresolved issues and conflict, but you are not sure what to make of them, You are uncertain if the relationship is healthy, “you are weary and losing the spark” if this is you or your spouse, then you need the Resilience Methods Coaching to make you strong, redefine your purpose, build your relationship and safeguard your marriage.


  • Tools + Engagement:
  • Consultation with a coach and both parties.
  • Course and workbook.
  • One full month of coaching
  • Lifetime access to private groups.
  • One video/in person final check up from coach.

£3299 $3,500 virtual/ £4239.00 $4,500 in person)


“Is it really over” Not yet!


This the Red Zone,

You have tried everything to hold it together, it hasn’t worked, the purpose is obscure, the roles are confused, communication has disintegrated, trust and faith broken, it doesn’t seem like it will work, give it one more chance, sign up for the restore coaching

  • Tools + Engagement: 
  • Consultation with coach.
  • Course with workbook.
  • 3 months of coaching with the 3 strategies.
  • Lifetime access to private groups.
  • A pre-recorded video from the coach for future use.
  • Dinner to be arranged for the couple.