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About Rock-Solid Self Discovery Course

Every transformative session I offer starts with discovery, it’s the most exciting part of my work, I work with you to find the genius within. This is the person I want to work with, I supply the tools and the methods and watch you recreate yourself!

No words can describe the change you will encounter. we We have had several people testify about how their lives got transformed through this course.

Are you ready to discover yourself on a deeper level?

Join Eugene Ajayi’s self-discovery course and learn how to bring abundance and joy into your life. Gain clarity, tune in, listen more closely to the universe with positive affirmations as well as deep meditations that enhance attunement of one’s higher purpose within personal development success! Take control over your future today by signing up for this course from veteran mentor Coach EA himself.

Our self-discovery course is an educational program designed to help individuals explore and understand themselves better, uncover their passions, strengths, values, and personal motivations, and ultimately lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives. These course provide structured guidance and exercises that encourage participants to reflect on various aspects of their lives, such as their beliefs, goals, interests, and life experiences and also identifying their passions and interests, allowing them to pursue activities and careers that bring them joy and satisfaction.

Participants are guided through exercises that prompt them to think deeply about their past experiences, values, interests, and aspirations. There are also assessments and activities to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

We believe that understanding your core values is crucial for making aligned life decisions.


Discovery Interviews – At the InterViews, you get to have an internal view of yourself, your situation, your options and your opportunities.

Discovery Interactions – You get very valuable feedback from interaction with others on the same journey, mentors, guides and coaches inputs makes these sessions invaluable 

Discovery interpretations – You get to understand and analyse the way you think and make decisions, with tools to help you make better judgement, analysis and create desirable outcomes 


Discovery Interventions – At the end of the discovery boot camp you would have created a discovery profile of yourself, a roadmap for change, with all the resources you need to achieve it. 

All that would be left is to create the wonder the world is waiting to behold… YOU!

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