Every transformative session I offer starts with discovery, it’s the most exciting part of my work, I work with you to find the genius within. This is the person I want to work with, I supply the tools and the methods and watch you recreate yourself!


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Book your Place in the Discovery Boot Camp  (date)

  • 2 Sessions bootcamp – £99.99 $149.99

  • 1 day (4 hours) bootcamp £79.99 $139.99


Discovery is already built into all the core sessions, you may not have decided yet on any service, just come on anyway, you will be glad you did!

What Happens at Discoveries

I capture the Discovery Experience in 4 sweet words, InterViews, InterActs, Interpretations and Interventions. no words can describe the change you will encounter, we can only describe the journey


Inter-Views – (Discovery Interviews)

you get to have an internal view of yourself, your situation, your options and your opportunities.


Inter-Acts– ions (Discovery Interactions)

You get very valuable feedback from interaction with others on the same journey, mentors, guides and coaches inputs makes these sessions invaluable 


Inter -Pretext-tions (Discovery interpretations) 

You get to understand and analyse the way you think and make decisions, with tools to help you make better judgement, analysis and create desirable outcomes 


Inter-Event -Tions – (Discovery Interventions)

At the end of the discovery boot camp you would have created a discovery profile of yourself, a roadmap for change, with all the resources you need to achieve it. 


All that would be left is to create the wonder the world is waiting to behold… YOU!


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These are group sessions, for one on one discovery sessions click the link below 


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