Life is the marketplace, you are the entrepreneur, The Lord God is the business owner, you have a business to run!


Sontrepreneurship is the entrepreneurship of life by sons of God, 


Have you ever wondered what it means to be manifest as a son of God, it’s not as far off as you think! There are Titans amongst us and you are one of them, your life is more than a few visits to the gym, the daily hum dum of work and life, you were created for more, come on and see through the veil!



Each Purpose related course comes with Projects, that defines the competence you should gain when you follow through. it is indeed an ACT – Cademy, which means you learn and practice at the same time, how else do you become, except through practice.

  1. Gene-In- Us 


Explore the Titan inside you, you have greatness locked in your genes, that is the source of your genius, if only you knew how to unlock it!


The Genius programme is the entry level to the sontrepreneurs life, 


The Genius:

Self Discover £49.99 $79.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £200 $249

  • Engagement – Coaching & Support £999.

The Gene-In-Us Course Systems 

Project Title – A.C.T – The Gene-in-us (Genius) – Getting to know yourself


Gene-In-Us: Discover the Purpose in your gene, the Society & The Marketplace: How to navigate the marketplace.

  1. Life Practitioner


True knowledge reflects in practice, consistent practice creates a lifestyle, life is like a wild bronco, it requires skill to master and ride it to your destiny, here you learn to tame the “bucking bronco”, it’s Got much to offer you!


The Practitioner – Walk in your purpose – £99.99  $139.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £149.99 $199

  • Engagement – Coaching & Support £599 $699


The Practitioner Course Systems

Project Title – A.C.E: Walking In Your Purpose 

  • Module 1: Science of Kingdom Assembly

  • Module 2: You, the Minister in the Marketplace

  1. Become a Veteran

The world needs heros, but it takes a lot to be a real one. Why not start by being a veteran Sontrepreneur? A master of the art and science of life! 


What is the difference between a veteran and a rookie? Experience!


The Veteran – £149.99 $199.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £200 $249

  • Engagement – Coaching & Support £999  $1299


The Veteran Course Systems 

Title Project – P.A.C.E.D – P.A.C.E.S –  


Walking in Dominion in the Marketplace


  • Module 1: EDEN Systems & 5 Systems of Interface with the Kingdom

  • Module 2: PACED work in the Kingdom

  1. Enter the Titan 


We were made to change the world, to make it better, stop it deteriorating and keep the human generations inspired, each one of us is a unique individual, a monarch of a domain, a lord and lady of realms, be more than a veteran, be a titan, tower above your limits!


The Titan  – £149.99 $199.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £200 $249

  • Engagement – Coaching & Support £999  $1299


The Titan Course Systems 

Title Project – E.D.E.N – Transforming Your World


  • Module 1: The PATRIOT doing EDEN

  • Module 2: The Apostolic Expedition Team