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Transformation Consultant & Productivity Coach

Take your Business and Organisation to the Next Level!

Eugene is a Managing Partner of BRConsortium, a strategic consulting company that focuses on synergy and innovation to enhance performance and increase productivity, enabling you as an organisations or business client succeed at what you set out to do,

He serves Organisations, Entrepreneurs and institutions with strategy, process, transformation, methods and leadership consulting helping you to optimise human capital, research opportunities, develop business/organisation potentials and synergise resources.

  • Implement strong foundations and “future-proof” your organisational culture
  • Receive strategic leadership coaching to support and transform teams and communities
  • Assess business objectives, diagnose problems and understand high priority issues
  • Translate business goals into community solutions
  • Develop and manage key-learning and training initiatives

  • Establish core principles to mature and and aide self organising agile teams
  • Quickly understand a community structure, apply the correct engagement and best practice models to build high powered teams
  • Collaborate and facilitate culturally diverse and disparate global teams

  • Apply bespoke and appropriate organisational, operational and delivery systems to deliver high quality projects on time and budget
  • Delight your customers. clients, membership by offering expected value predictably and continuously
  • Seek support for funding/supporting community-driven initiatives (both for profit and non-profit) organisations

Social Entrepreneur & Socio Cultural Architect

“Eugene as an “Apostle” has taken the Kingdom Agenda into the workplaces and other life spaces to connect Christians and apprentice them for socio cultural transformation.

Our world stands to gain a lot from substantial demographics of more than 2.18 Billion Christians in living in the nation and cities of the world.

The challenge to connect them meaningfully to share life and resources, build relationships and fulfil purpose together.

Eugene and his team have created opportunities for Christian people and professionals to aggregate in functional tribes and colonies through “connection” events around their lives, work, play, worship and learning that “forges” them together in value based collaborative relationships and lifestyle development to fulfil purpose.

Here are some solution models Eugene Implemented for The Christian Community.