Hine Ma Tov, the Jewish song of Psalm 133:1-3, a song of brotherhood and blessings of community in God.

With more Christians now in the world than any other time in history, 2.18 billion. Christians, Jews and the whole world wonders “where is the presence of God? “ where is Emmanuel “God with us”

CHRIST in us the hope of Glory…*

Christ is Hidden, hidden in every little saint of Christ. when he said “of all men born of women, John the Baptist is the greatest, however the least in the Kingdom of heaven is greater than John.” He meant it,

Which means every single true Christian walking the earth walking the earth is a spiritual specie of greater weight in glory than the class of men made in the image of Adam because Christ lives inside us!


Christ broke himself apart that he might live by his spirit through every single one who comes to God through him. He is in each one of us in a measure, we all contain the fullness of Christ TOGETHER…

but we are not together, all of Christ’s “body parts” or parts of his body are scattered in every tribe, tongue and nation requiring to be re-membered to form the “body of Christ” this is the problem… how do we fix it?


Our churches and meetings every week help us to gather, but the world needs us not in gathered meetings, but assembled! What is the difference?

We are as good to the world gathered as a box of mobile phone parts compared to a working fully assembled mobile phone … which is a functional assembly of relevant parts functioning in synergy to fulfil the purpose of the whole device!


HINE MA TOV reminds us of the upper room both at the last supper and Pentecost. the coming together of brothers and sisters from the same spiritual heritage which is Christ. To be in one accord WITH HIM and one another IN HIM, that HE might work THROUGH US together as an assembled body.

This is not about our organisations and churches coming together, but “a people” with his identity, becoming his nation, relating in brotherhood, loving, serving, caring, sharing with one another, bonded by love becoming “the glove” together through which Christ reaches the world.

Who will assemble us?

The BIG Green Dinosaur

A friend of mine posted a picture of a dinosaur toy on a chat group, this reminded me of how we are supposed to be “put together” to form the body of Christ. See the picture

Most of us would belong to the larger body parts, that hold the internal organs, the reserve of energy and distribution of resources.

Hands and Feet
Some of us will be the appendages (hands and legs) that provide propulsion and, mobilisation (legs) and transform our environment (hands) and balance in motion.

Head and Neck
Some are part of the head and neck which will help with the governance, direction, situational awareness coordination and strategy.

Red Bolts
Then we have the “red bolts” in the picture that help the parts bind together.
We need the few “red bolts” to help organise how who we are and what we have connect and function together.

Community & Commonwealth were facilitated by the apostolic team and the deacons in Jerusalem, but there would have been many a “bolt” in and amongst the people, helps and supports who helped the community and commonwealth hold together

The big questions are…
1. Where do you belong? And if you can figure this out…

2. Who will organise us to take our cities and nations?

Lord activate all our Red Bolts in this seasons…. so we can come into the blessing…. Psalms 133:1-3

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