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Past Mission

Aylsebury Church Network

Up until 2019, Eugene functioned as a Strategist and led the Aylesbury Church Network (, a network of churches based in Aylesbury, England.  As a result of this collaboration, Eugene was able to achieve the following key objectives:


  1. Facilitating synergy – Eugene took the lead on a transformation protocol that explored new and effective ways of collaborating to serve the town as a community of Christians. This included a strategic redirection and rebaselining of the organisations’ purpose, way of working, decision making, planning, resourcing and management of delivery outcomes.

  2. Community – The ACN community required a more dynamic and innovative method to engage with the local community in Aylesbury, in response, Eugene devised new methods which capitalised and leveraged shared resources amongst the various churches.

  3. Whilst at ACN, Eugene served to increase visibility of and connect high value arms of the Christian ministry within the town to the leadership to improve the value offering of the corporate body to the town.


Eugene often functions in another capacity as a Consultant to a number of churches, globally.  He has consulted and still consults for several National, Regional, Provincial and Zonal Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) operations in the US ,UK and Africa to help develop the following:


  1. Transcultural, transgenerational missions capability and strategies 

  2. Support for the internal operations of the organisations to improve how they get their work done.

  3. Training and content for leadership, missions, management and strategy.