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When You “Miss” the “Communication” you will “MisCommunicate!”WHAT CAUSES MIS-COMMUNICATION IN RELATIONSHIPS? 1. The Bias of Difference 2. The Difference of Perspective  3. The Perspective of Purpose  4. The Purpose of the Communication  A wise man said “when the purpose of a thing is not known it leads to abuse” when we have mishaps in our communication it is because we have “missed” a very important element of the communication process somewhere along the line. Most of the time we miss these important elements because of *Bias of Difference*how we are different to others, men are different from women and will project our ideas and expectations from our unique bias. We have different types of biases as humans, some related to gender, some experiences, some expectations some situations, can you think of any other? Difference of Perspective We are different and feel differently about issues  andour perspectives to issues are bound

Hearing & Listening… RE: Harry & Meghan.

If you are not given elaborate prose, just read the next statement in bold to get the gist! WE ARE ALL BROKEN, THERE IS JUST ONE FIX! We should all learn lessons from Harry Meghan and the British Royal Family issues. We should look beyond specifics, events and deeply examine the fundamentals that are broken to fix our own community. We should focus on fixing ourselves as men and women, in so doing revisit our roles in community and society… let’s ask ourselves “how far have we fallen from Gods original intent?” “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?” HARRY ET MEGHAN first things first Harry and Meghan are not right in this matter, Neither is the royal family is right, but two wrongs to make a right! We are also not right in getting on the media band wagon. Christians, Christian leaders and mature people in

God… & Politics?

Damned if you do and damned if we dont.. We are told the following by the world and our leaders Church should not be in politics, because there must be a separation between church and state Christians should be in politics so that you can be amongst those who make laws Which should you believe? And can we do? You can easily see the root of the confusion for Christians. If we get involved, we get vilified by the world for mixing ”church” and ”state” if we do not get involved, we get harangued by fellow Christians of being lazy, unfruitful and impotent in society. Why is this ? What should we do? Remove the Mask…First! The argument to separate Church and State, proposes the church as an organization and institution that is not welcome in influencing the political process. This has successfully ostracised the influence of Christian thought through

Christians: Gods Power Grid!

Power is all about continuous directional flow of potential energy. This is what we call kinetic energy, however energy can only flow when there is a favourable conduit. Christ is the POWER of God and the WISDOM God needed to light the rest of creation. Christians are the PARTicles of Light that for the PARTS of his Power Grid, His Ekklesia is the delivery system of his power and grace to the rest of creation. How do you become part of the conduit? How do you ensure you are not insulating his power through the flesh, self, sin and ignorance? Listen and be “transformed” #revealhim