“Solving problems of disconnected Christians in Societies”

There are 2.18 Billion Christians in the world, with millions in each nation and cities of the world. Whilst these are such substantial demographics, there is a challenge to connect them meaningfully to share life and resources, build relationships and fulfil purpose together.

To solve the above problems, he designed processes, methods as systems to aggregate Christians in functional Tribes and colonies, by creating connection events around their lives, work, play, worship and learning and a set of processes that forge them together in value based collaborative relationships and lifestyle development to fulfil purpose..

Here are some of the Solution Models that Eugene has implemented for the Christian community:

House Of Lights

“A related system of value based and value driven community”

House of Lights is a faith based community (pioneered by Eugene A Ajayi) invested in the development of people with the hope of societal transformation. The community is being raised to be passionate about the great commission, which is to build communities, share our commonwealth and do good to society.


He pioneered a related system of value based and value driven community architecture models that is sought after both by mission agencies, third sector and government bodies who are interested in ground up community and systems building and crosslinking to enrich their society.

Simply put, he designed a way to help new communities evolve organically from disconnected people to self organise, self sustain, create value for others and self replicate.


“Tribes are not organizations, they are superfamilies”

The KingsTribe is an initiative of the House of Lights Network.  It is a paradigm of discipleship that systematically cultures men, women and families in the ways of the King (Christ).  The KingsTribe provides an avenue to meet each believer where they exist, simultaneously forging community and commonwealth amongst each individual.

Tribes are not organizations, they are superfamilies and cultural hubs consisting of men, women, families in communities defined by a specific culture, in this case Christ. “Kingstribes” are not bound by physical locations but rather are “colonies” or “villages” of monastic communities of Christians.  These communities are self organising and self replicating. This is revolutionising the standards of mission and discipleship.

Kingdom Connections

“Relationships, lifestyle and purpose”

Kingdom Connections (KC) was set up as an evangelistic strategy.  KC’s mission is to connect Christians in the marketplace (everywhere outside our houses) and bring them in contact with Christ, his Culture and Community.  KC uses a tactical set of engagements dubbed ESCAPE which stands for “Experiences & Encounters, Stories, Conversations, Activities, Projects and Events”.

The KC strategy seeks out Christians at work, home, church, schools & leisure spaces connecting them through events and Godly content based on relationships, vocation and gender.  This provides opportunity for Believers to continue to flourish and find fulfillment in functional Christ-centred relationships.  Eugene has created a number of channels to address and minister to different needs:

Those who come in through any of our Kingdom Connections channels are then brought into the community as Kingsmen, Kingswomen and Kingsfamily to become the KingsTribe… this is where it gets exciting!

The teams that help to deliver on this e.g. the Marketplace team, the University Response team, the SFM team, and those that reach out specifically to men and women are all part of the tactical Kingdom Connections operations. 

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