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I am looking to connect 1,000,000+ Christians from every nation and generation to foster meaningful relationships, share life, grow and fulfill purpose together.

Support this mission!

“It’s not “Magic” it’s “Making””

Content, Conversations and events may be the starting point, however communities don’t grow without some hard work; a great deal of systematic social architecture and transformational work with men, women, these require skilled hands and great tools! These are what I am asking you to help fund.

What do I need the funds for?

Help us bring it home to you!

  • Setting up Local, national and international network Events, Connections, Services and content for Christians
  • Facilitating Conversations and Creating Content to inspire, educate and transform people
  • Nurturing and connecting the communities together 
  • Developing and Maintaining the technology platforms that will keep us connected 
  • Promotions, Marketing and research activities to connect more people and improve our work
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