Rock Solid Business Matrix

Join our 7- day challenge to help you grow your business as a Citizen of Christs Kingdom.

The 7 – day challenge is designed to help you:

  •  Discover and Develop the Kingdom mindset in business
  •  Find confidence in company of others like you and sure Methods of business success
  •  Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and leverage on knowledge and network to prosper

Reset, refocus, and grow with confidence!

Creating Commonwealth

Synthesis – creating new solutions with other entities or businesses
Synergy – Syndicating Value with other entities and businesses to create a strong position and advantage in your market.

You will get PDF worksheets, live Q&A sessions, and access to experts!

This 5-day challenge is taking place online. Don’t miss out! it is the foundation for the more intensive Mastermind Programs.

This 5-day online Boot Camp is hosted by Eugene Bayo Ajayi, founder of BRConsortium. A UK and US based organisation networking Businesses across the Tech, Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship and other specialists areas to create a commonwealth of ideas and ready solutions to change lives and serve our nations.


Navigating From Hello To I Do

Navigating from “Hello” to “I Do” aims to help potential couples make informed choices about their future together through a qualitative and informative dating process. These conversations are presented in five stages. Each stage has clear objectives designed to help couples assess the possibilities and risks of a marital union without emotional complications and pressure from other people.

The Battle We Fight

A clear contemporary review of the subject of spiritual warfare for the Christian. This incredible book explains the simple truth of how every Christian ought to fight warfare and dismisses the religious misconception(s). It informs young Christians to understand their vital position (wherever they might be) by clarifying the complex purpose of the Church of Christ as a body, not a denomination.


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