My course systems are exactly that “systems” of integrated learning and activities that transform your thinking and enable desirable behavioral change.


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Relationship is how two or more individuals come together to meet each other’s needs, and work together to create value. The product of the relationship could be a friendship, a marriage or a business, the success of the relationship depends on the individuals and how they relate…before we deal with how you relate, are you ready and able to make it work for both of you?


 Find out how to make yourself ready for a relationship.

Before Hello 


Being Single doesn’t make you eligible, preparation does, let’s get you ready !


Before Hello reveals the key foundations of relationship building and provides a candid assessment of your readiness for the big step of dating into marriage.


You will be equipped to know what to look for in the person you would be starting a conversation with and start a relationship knowing exactly what you are getting into.


Most people will increase the benefit of the course by taking the Hello To I do and adding the Engagement pack to their purchase.


Before Hello Course  – £49.99 $79.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £99.99 $139.99

  • Engagement – Coaching & Support £499 $599 per month


Before Hello Content

  • The Maturity Metrics: 

    • 9 areas of Maturity

    • How to mature yourself and safeguard your relationship 

  • Communication: 

    • How to communicate effectively 

    • 7 barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them.

  • Boundaries: 

    • Healthy Boundaries 

    • 3 Areas of Boundaries and how to manage them.


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Hello to I Do 


You have found “the one” who also thinks you are “the one”, can you be sure you are making the right decisions? Yes you can! This course enables you to do just that. ‘The Hello to I Do’ would not tell you who Mr or Mrs right is but it will let you know if you are making the right decisions. Isn’t that what we all need?


Hello to I Do Course  – £99.99  $139.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £149.99 $199

  • 1-1 Engagement – Coaching & Support £599 $699 per month


What you will learn

  • How to set the right Foundations for Dating

  • How to use the Hello to I do framework for dating

  • How the 5 stages of dating work for you

  • What The 7Ps are and how to use them

  • Fundamentals vs Non-Fundamentals – 

    • How to make decisions

    • Navigate conflict successfully 

    • Work and succeed as a team

  • The 3 Rooms

    • How to set up conversations in marriage 

    • How to make the marriage work


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I Do To We Do 


Many eventually say “I Do” but they don’t know how to get to “We Do”. How do you make your union work with perfect Synergy, and be productive for the next half a century? How do you prepare, plan and project for the seasons of life, achieve more than just living together, going to work, raising children and growing old, how do you find and fulfill purpose in the marriage? It’s by journeying from “I Do To We Do”, from your agreement on your wedding day to a state of oneness, Synergy and fulfillment, I do To We Do shows you how.


I Do To We Do Course – £149.99 $199.99

  • Tools – Handbook/video – £200 $249

  • Engagement – Coaching & Support £999  $1299 per month


What you will learn


  • Effective Communication techniques in Marriage

  • How to Measure, Maintain and Improve the Success of your Marriage

  • Understanding the Roles in Marriages: 

  • The three rooms principles of conversations, decision making and problem solving in marriage.

  • Wisdom in Marriage – using foresight, hindsight, insight and sight

  • The Role of your Home in Raising the Next Generations