Sometimes you need more help to apply the information from the courses and the support from the Coaching, you need to build progressively and consistently over a period until a desired outcome.


My Rock Solid Programmes combine several services and interventions to help you achieve the change you need, it coaches you person, personality and personas until you have the competence and confidence you need to operate profitably in your next level.


Rock Solid Business Matrix ( fee)




Join our 7- day GROWTH BootCamp to help you grow your business as a Citizen of Christs Kingdom.


  • Discover and Develop the Kingdom mindset in business 

  • Find confidence in company of others like you and sure Methods of business success 

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and 

  • leverage on knowledge and network to prosper

  • Creating Commonwealth: you will learn the following 

  • Synthesis – how to recognise, resources and use them to create new solutions with other entities or businesses

  • Synergy – Syndicating Value with other entities and businesses to create a strong position and advantage in your market.

  • Strategy – how to create winning strategies to deliver on your vision


Reset, refocus, and grow with confidence!


  • Tools + Engagement:

You will get PDF worksheets, live Q&A sessions, and access to experts!




Eligible Programme