When You “Miss” the “Communication” you will “MisCommunicate!”

1. The Bias of Difference

2. The Difference of Perspective 

3. The Perspective of Purpos

4. The Purpose of the Communication 

A wise man said “when the purpose of a thing is not known it leads to abuse” when we have mishaps in our communication it is because we have “missed” a very important element of the communication process somewhere along the line.

Most of the time we miss these important elements because of 
*Bias of Difference*how we are different to others, men are different from women and will project our ideas and expectations from our unique bias. We have different types of biases as humans, some related to gender, some experiences, some expectations some situations, can you think of any other?

Difference of Perspective

We are different and feel differently about issues  andour perspectives to issues are bound to be different, we  present these perspectives in our communication which is bound to generate conflict if not managed with wisdom

Perspective of Purpose

Conflicts arise because of bias of difference and difference of perspective, only the perspective of purpose can heal the divide, this is when you begin to query what really brought you together in the first place and what is or should be keeping you together? What does your relationship represent or stand for? Perspective of purpose will help align us and give us a reason to agree or reorganize our relationships 

Purpose of the Communication

When the purpose of our relationship and engagement in that situation is brought to the fore it helps us to then answer the question “what is this current communication supposed to achieve?”  Once you know this it helps you to understand how to deal with the persons involved, the issues being raised and the emotions in the light of purpose

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