Lighting up the world is serious business!
Jesus Christ is the Light source, he is building a “power grid” with his sons, of step down transformers, high tensions cables, Step up Transformer, distribution networks to bring the light H.O.M.E (House Of My Ekklesia) to Light up the Neighborhoods


You need three things

  1. A Light source big enough to light the world!
    – Jesus Christ is the Light source. He is the Sun of righteousness.
  2. A Power grid to transfer, transmit, transmute and translate power/light into useable forms
    – This is the Ekklesia, the people of God in divine relational and functional arrangement.
  3. A way to connect every person, home, community to the power source.
    – This are units of his community and commonwealth of saints in local spaces (H.O.M.E)

Lighting up the world is serious business!

Power is all about continuous directional flow of potential energy. This is what we call kinetic energy, however energy can only flow when there is a favourable conduit.

Christ is currently assembling his sons and daughters to build a “power grid”. His grid is an intricate system of power and light distribution that will have the following people systems;

  • Step down transformers,
  • High tensions cables,
  • Step up transformers,
  • Distribution networks to bring the light to
  • H.O.M.E – House Of My Ekklesia, these are units of his community embedded in communities to provide power to ”Light up” the Neighborhoods the ”hoods” is the places where the light needs to be seen.

Christ is the POWER of God and the WISDOM of God needed to light the rest of creation. Christians are the PARTicles of Light that for the PARTS of his Power Grid, His Ekklesia is the delivery system of his power and grace to the rest of creation. That is if we become assembled as these functional parts, i know we are not fully assembled currently, but at least we can put effort in.

What is your place in this?

If you are a believer, you are supposed to be part of the conduit… so where do you fit in Christs power grid! What and where are you? Are you in the step down, high tension, step up, distribution or H.O.M.E point?

Transmission protocol

This is how power flows, everyday!

Step Down Transformers are able to receive the ”high voltage” of truth and make sense of it, they immediately distribute it at the right “intensity” to the high tension cables

High Tension Cables are disciples who are able to faithfully communicate the ”packaged truth” systems onwards to those step up transformers Who will step up the power into local power bases

Step Up Transformers ”step it up” in the life systems in the localities and distribute it faithfully through distribution networks They are connected to.

Distribution Networks are connected people systems of believers transmitting this light to each unit of the Ekklesia (H.O.M.E) to shine the light of Christ to the people in the places where they live, work, worship, learn and play.

H.O.M.E – House Of My Ekklesias are embedded monastic units of believers living, loving, learning and laboring together in local spaces, being transformed and bringing transformation to the people and spaces around them through the collective action of each unit of light

Each believer who is part of a H.O.M.E or any of the above systems then lights up their world as a unique equipment, (Just like an individual mobile phone, microwave, power tool) connected to the power grid, converting power to do work.

Now lets stop talking and start conducting

How do you become part of the conduit?
How do you ensure you are not insulating his power through the flesh, self, sin and ignorance?
How do you ensure there is continuity of flow and delivery of power?

Where do you belong in the power grid of Christ?

What ”hood“ are you serving, Who are you connected with, and what life is flowing through you? Are you connected to step down, high tension, step up, distribution network or H.O.M.E system?

Ensure you are! If you are not well connected, it means some part of creation is missing some light.

Let’s make power available, there is a world to light up!

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