Ultimately the outcomes of society boil down to the man and the woman, the husband and the wife, as it was in the garden, the ultimate fight of good against evil is fought and won in the home. The kingdom of Israel was compromised in the days of Ahab when he succumbed to his heathen wife, Jezebel.

Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, Jezebel means “unhusbanded” “unexalted”, Ethbaal, means “With Baal” this speaks volumes of the heritage and assignment of Jezebel. She was quite successful, not only did she dominate Ahab spiritually through witchcraft and manipulation. She also took over the worship and devotion of Israel, disconnecting them from their covenant with Jehovah and “marrying” them to Baal.

Many think of Jezebel’s spirit as operating in churches. No, the most effective battleground for Jezebel is the home, most homes are ruled by this spirit, we see this effect in society.

May the Lord raise the Elijah, Elisha and Jehu operations to restore order back to society, to destroy the false worship, reconnect the heart of the children of God back to the Father, and destroy the stronghold of Jezebel over the home.

May the millions of sisters operating under the Jezebel spirit be free and millions of men operating as Ahab become transformed into Davids, men after God’s heart, who will establish His Kingdom. May the Lord quench every form of witchcraft and manipulation that is destroying the fabric of society, we bind Satan!

Marriage doesn’t transfer anointing for ministry, neither does it suddenly make the wife equal in experience, expertise or wisdom to a called husband, Just as marrying a medical doctor wouldn’t automatically qualify you as a medical practitioner.

Not understanding that “Pastor’s wife” is different from the call to Pastor has caused a lot of damage to church folk. Who have become victims of “femme fatale” of pastor’s wives.

The call to be a wife to a man is to be a helpmeet to him and should be more important than seeking a platform to compete. There are indeed many cases where the wife does have a genuine call to serve in the ministry, however, she would still have to take the proper channels to learn how to care for people in the way that the Lord approves, bypassing the process of learning and maturing (which a large part is in the serving of her husband as a wife) only leads to disasters!

Let me say here that I am not denying that men also abuse in many cases, however, the world is primed to cry foul when a lady reports any form of abuse, men, however, do not have this luxury, so abuse tends to be ongoing and won’t stop.

Many women routinely abuse their husbands, verbally, emotionally, sexually, socially, spiritually and financially.

I am not condoning physical violence, but I would like to say that a slap in the face will heal faster than the emotional and spiritual wounds that many women inflict on men.

I know all this is a result of the fall, a woman or man who is not submitted to Christ is really a servant of self, which is a subject of Satan. Whilst men after the fall will tend to dominate unduly, women would manipulate unduly…. both are doing Satan’s job!

In the past the story was that men “dominated” the home and society, the society seems to have overcompensated for that, now Jezebel rules the roost!

Society needs to go back to Eden! Where God made the man follow and serve him, and the woman to be his helpmeet to lead the home, to follow, serve and obey the Lord. Any other agenda apart from this is from Beelzebub himself.

People marry for selfish reasons now, to consume their partners with their lusts, God is not in the equation anymore.


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