Let’s delve into the six points of spiritual warfare

  • Prayer
  • Presence
  • Actions
  • Words
  • Fellowship
  • Sacrifice

1. The war of Prayers – Spiritual Legislation, this is all activity to seek understanding of the will of God, agreeing with it, and proclaiming it.

This is the first level of Warfare in situations where Gods will need to be done. it initiates engagement with the gates of hell. It provides vision, intelligence, faith and prophetic power to bring stuff down from the realm of the spirit to the realm of experience

2. Presence – this is being intentionally present where God needs our body. God cannot do stuff where there isn’t a body present to act on his behalf.

Spiritual, emotional presence is as important as accurate physical position. So after we have prayed the right prayers, we must labour to be present at the right place, at the right time, in our right mind, with the right motive, with the right people, rightly Prepared to do the right thing, the right way, to get the right result for the kingdom of God

3. Action – revealing the intent of God through actions, (not valid if you are not in the right place at the right time) our right actions connects the power of God to situations

We must be able to act when required, sustain the action as required. Our action is the agency through which the will of God is done! It is men and women that do the will of God on earth, this is why our actions are important because our acts will either reveal the intent of hell or heaven.

It is sobering to realise that there is no neutral thought, word or deed as far as the two kingdoms are concerned

4. War of Words – this arrests thoughts, challenges opinions and introduces truth, giving the Holy Spirit ammunition to work with to convince or convict the hearts of men

Words are required to release faith and destroy counter arguments against the truth in the hearts and minds of men

5. War of Fellowship- Godly Relationship, fellowship and agreement, synergy amplifier, when two or more are incomplete divine agreement, the power available for kingdom breakthrough multiplies exponentially as the number of people increases

6. War of Sacrifice ( what you are willing to give up for the sake of the kingdom)releases life in our death to self for Christ’s sake

When we sacrifice ourselves on his behalf, we bring to he scene the sacrifice of the life of Christ, which is the most potent in all the universe, making his resurrection power available for deployment

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