God is calling out of the church ‘the Kingdom!’ of Sons. The kingdom is fullest expression of Gods government representing on earth,it is the full fruit of his seeding process since Eden, the kingdom is many sons (Greek- hyios) reaped from a perfect seed of one (Christ)

Gods kingdom is a kingdom of sons, (hyios) and not just children (Greek – tecknon). Children may resemble the father in image but not in stature of life, character and operation

“Hyioses ” are Sons who have come of full age, and resemble the father in image and likeness, form and nature, principle and function, character and operation…

To these sons he allots an inheritance, and gives the power of attorney and the right to represent him before the created order, they have the right to put down spiritual rebellion, it is the right and responsibility of these sons to enforce the triumph that Christ obtained, and fulfil what Christ set out to do, I.e subjugating the gates of hell and spoiling her goods!

To these sons the Heavenly Father declares before creation and to creation “this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased, hear him!”
Nature and circumstance will obey the sons as they walk creation out of bondage from the powers of darkness and bring her into majestic manifestation of sonship.

There is a call for the sons to arise, sons whose lives are characterised not by what they need from the father, but what the Father needs to be done, they are a living sacrifice!

Sons who are 100% led by the spirit of God, not personal ambition, sons in whom the devil hath nothing! Sons who will only do what the father is doing and not what they want! – they are a prepared body for Christ!

Sons who are affirmed by heaven and not by men, they have no member on and of this earth, they belong to another kingdom, they represent another kingdom, they are registered officers of the highest throne, they are known in heaven, earth and hell!

These sons must now begin to koinonia as sons, to harness and pool in the fullness of Christ, working in perfect apostolic and prophetic synergy to form and envision the body to represent Christ, for we are many lights, parts of the one true light, that must come together in precise frequency of luminosity together, to reveal Christ who is the light. All sons within the spectrum of the Light must converge to reveal Christ, all streams of grace must coalesce to form and constitute his fullness and mature presence, for only when Christ is fully represented do we have his kingdom fully manifest!

Eugene Adebayo Ajayi
A Bond Servant of the Kingdom of Heaven

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